A little about Liz

I am an experienced communications specialist working primarily in the third sector, with a backgrou

I was that kid.  The one who talked too much and asked "Why" too often.  It's not surprising that I've made a career out of telling stories and making messages louder for over a decade.

My working life has focused on the third sector, leading a number of communications and marketing teams. This was a natural progression from working as a journalist and photographer.   

How I can help


I'm here put some power behind your brand.  I can maximise impact by creating strategies, content or by helping and training your in-house team. 

I'm as comfortable tweeting out your events as training your senior executives on branding.  I'm equally contented convincing your board that communications matter as I am supporting your volunteers with the basics. 

My approach


Keeping content short, sharp and catchy is a mindset from my old journalist life that threads through my work.   

Whether through a tweet, photograph, impact report or strategy the aim is the same.  Boost the perfect narrative, for the right audience. 

I'm happiest helping make impactful change through simple messages. 

A few of the ways to make youR Organisation shout louder


Strategies that succeed

Is strategy that scary word that must not be uttered?  Do they take all year to write and a week to forget.  Not anymore! Whether you need a content review, a simple plan or full strategy look no further. 


Creative and convincing content

Do your messages keep falling flat?  Do your sentences seem longer than normal paragraphs?  Are you short on images, films and fun? Is it hard to crack that campaign or event hook?

It's time to make content accessible and engaging for your audience.  I can either take your text, images, audio and video and mould or generate new materials.   


Brilliant branding

Does branding feel like a buzz word that means nothing but the trustees are obsessed with improving?  Are the colours going wrong and the guidelines in a muddle?  

Even the best brands can get stuck now and then. I can work with your team to either overcome tricky problems or help introduce structure to your brand.  That could be as simple as a snapshot to guide you. 

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Liz Kearsley

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